Kingswinford Junction 1949

Updated: Apr 12

Figure 1. Kingswinford Junction in the 1980s

Kingswinford Junction was the point at which the GWR line to Wombourne and Wolverhampton left the GWR main line from Stourbridge Junction to Dudley and Wolverhampton – see the photo from the 1980s in figure 1 above; figure 2 for a sketch map showing the location and figure 3 for a detailed Ordnance Survey map from the 1930s. . It was situated between Brierley Hill and Brettell Lane stations (A and B on figure3). There was also a very extensive set of sidings (C) at the junction that served as a major freight marshalling yard- see the figure above. Traffic through the yard was controlled from two signal boxes – Kingswinford North (D) and Kingswinford South (E). The latter can be seen in the photo in figure 1 from the 1980s.

Figure 2. Location sketch