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My favourite Queen portrait

A letter to the Express and Star by D. Winterborn

I am sorry to see the passing away of our late Queen Elizabeth II. Since her demise, I have seen many portraits of her, however not my favourite one, also one which I suspect is most of our citizen’s favourite one. I refer to the one on the old paper money notes, knowm as the ‘D’ design. That portrait was painted by Harry Eccleston OBE who was born on the 21st January 1923 in Coseley here in the Black Country, and died in 2010 aged 87. He had several sittings with her Majesty.

He was recruited by the Bank of England as the first Artist-Designer, a full tine post which he held until 1983. Some of the paintings on the back of the notes were also painted by him. These include Isaac Newton (£1.00), the Duke of Wellington (£5.00), Florence Nightingale (£10.00), William Shakespeare (£20), Christopher Wren (£50.00) and possibly Winston Churchill.

He also did some paintings and etchings of the Black Country (industrial and landscapes). These can be seen at the Black Country Living Museum and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. He was also an engraver. Another great Black Country man.

D.Wintertborn, Brierley Hill

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