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Pubs and Breweries of the Black Country - a new book by Steve James

The Black Country has a wealth of pubs and breweries serving the local population of its towns and settlements. This book aims to cover the many hundreds of pubs that have served the local communities over the years, telling some interesting stories about the pubs, their landlords and customers. It also covers most of the breweries in the area, from small home-brew pubs and independent breweries to the larger commercial breweries and newer micro-breweries that have existed over the years.

Steve James is passionate about beer, pubs and breweries. He is a life-long member of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) and a member of the Black Country Society, Brewery History Society, Pub History Society and Friends of Highgate Brewery. He is also a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers and has written many articles on the history of pubs and breweries in the Black Country for local CAMRA magazines and other publications. In fact, this book is based on a series of articles published in the Black Country Bugle newspaper and Blackcountryman magazine during 2020-2022.

This book takes us on an alphabetical tour through the towns and communities of the Black Country, discovering the pubs and breweries that have served them, both now and in the past. It is an ideal gift for the pub and brewery lover, to reminisce about the pubs they have visited over their favourite pint of beer. “Pubs and Breweries of the Black Country” will be available from the Black Country Society Shop, Black Country Living Museum and selected pubs and micro-breweries, including Beat Brewery, Lye (£9.99).

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