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The Crooked House remembered

The Black Country Society is shocked and saddened by the recent fire and subsequent demolition of the Crooked House. As a Society we have established aa project to capture its historical legacy and to record as many memories as possible of this beloved landmark.

Whilst we will be collecting all sorts of documentary information about the building and its wder context, one very important aspect of this project will take the form of an oral history project. We are keen to hear all of your stories and will archive these histories under a variety of themes. Please tell us about your budding romances and first dates, first pints, weddings, wakes or other family occasions. We would love to hear from regular drinkers, former staff and landlords. Maybe you have family history links or experienced a ghostly encounter? It would be great to hear from people from outside of the Black Country and overseas.

Initially we would welcome your thoughts and comments by email. You do not have to send in a ‘full story’ at this stage unless you wish to do so.

The project coordinator, Rebecca Wilton, will get in touch on how best to proceed in capturing your memories. This may be in the form of email exchanges, zoom chats, voice recordings or in person interviews depending on the individual stories and your circumstances.

You will receive an acknowledgement and further details within 5 working days of your email. Please send in your stories. However big or small. It is so important that we capture something of the legacy of the world famous, locally loved Crooked House pub for future generations and local historians.

We look forward to hearing from you

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