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Sedgley, Coseley and Tipton

Upper Ettingshall Methodist Church (Sodo

Upper Ettingshall Methodist Church (Sodom Chapel)

Sedgley Post Box celebrating Arwen Wilso

Sedgley Post Box celebrating Arwen Wilson designer of 2017 Christmas Stamp

Sunset over Sedgley_edited.jpg

Sunset over Sedgley

Turls Hill, Sedgley_edited.jpg

Turls Hill, Sedgley

Sedgley Beacon Tower_edited.jpg

Sedgley Beacon Tower

Cosley Canal_edited.jpg
Coseley 1_edited.jpg

Coseley Canals

TIPTON SIGN_edited.jpg

Tipton sign

Tipton Farrier casting_edited.jpg

Tipton Farrier casting

Tipton Slasher_edited.jpg

Tipton Slasher

TIPTON CANAL with modern building_edited
Tipton Canal near The

Tipton Canals

The Noahs Ark Front_edited.jpg

Noah's Ark

The Fountain Tipton Front_edited.jpg

The Fountain

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